Blogging From the Labor Room

Sitting in a labor room here in Guangzhou, China. I’ve realized a few things…
1. I’m glad no one called me until 8 am, as I much prefer my sleep now.
2. As much as I love birth, I am totally ready to handover the torch. I’ve got my fill. I now want to educate about birth and handling the tough births, the business end and my new passion health and fitness!
3. I’m missing home and can’t wait to get there! Come on September!

A glimpse (with permission) into my Chinese world…


A supportive husband and classical music from the phone… All a woman needs.


Quietly encouraging poolside. Another thought, can’t wait for Dr. Viggiano to fix my arms. A contrast… Muscular from lifting and yoga, flabby from years of obesity.


I love the different colors in this picture šŸ™‚

Here’s hoping for a fast, easy water birth!

15 thoughts on “Blogging From the Labor Room

  1. Well of course you like the colors, green and purple, what’s not to like!!! It’ll be so nice for you to finally get on back home, I know you’re ready to begin the new journey that awaits you. Almost there now.

  2. Sandi, thank you for this view into your world. I too am longing for home, even though I’ve been away only 5 weeks. 10 days & counting for me! Then I begin work the next day…but at least I’ll stay out of trouble šŸ™‚

      • Thanks. There is always Fall Break..oh and Labor Day Weekend šŸ™‚ Maybe this year I will take the occasional “mental health day” attached to a weekend. Yes, I desperately need a break. But I will search for it (and find it) in small bits and pieces.

  3. Only you could blog from the middle of a water birth – such a calming presence. You forgot to mention, supportive husband, classical music and YOU! Looking forward to seeing what the next chapter in your amazing journey is titled xoxo

  4. We here are also counting the days. Your new journey here will be filled with even more happy challenges. Can’t get over how much you are my spitting image. The last pose is a back in time picture of me. Hope that’s a good thing. LOL

  5. I wanted to do a water birth when I first found out I was pregnant but then chickened out as I progressed! Did it the traditional way (epidural – yes please!) and had a great experience but always wished I’d seen it through and tried the WB. Of course after watching the water birth scene in the movie The Backup Plan my husband was REALLY glad we didn’t! ha ha! I laughed so hard at that – if you’ve never seen it you have to watch it – hilarious! šŸ™‚

    • Oh, I haven’t seen it. I’ll have to rent it when I get back to the States in September! Reading the cookbook now… Oh my you’ve done a marvelous job!!!

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