Kindness, Kourtney, Divorce & Tom Cruise

This should be a fun post 🙂

So for starters, this morning a post on one of the blogs that I follow was about kindness. What prompted the post was ugly comments written on another bloggers page. You can read A Beautiful Day kindness post here. This is the reminder she has there…

I’ve been thinking for a few hours about what this poster says. I’ve not been so kind this past week. I’m angry about a decision here at work that I wasn’t consulted on and I’ve been trying for 6 days to be more zen about it. The cool thing about the people here is that they don’t hold grudges… ME… I’m a GRUDGE holder and I own it 🙂 I just don’t get over things easily. I stew about them, work them out and then throw them out… but it takes me a while.

This morning, once again, something silly and non-evidence based practice came up in morning rounds. Sunday up on the mountain I PROMISED myself to stay zen, to stay calm, to practice breathing, to not care (although I totally do), to just let go. So the past 2 days when something comes up, I take a deeeeeeep breath, say the word zen, think of something positive and don’t comment on it… I’m a big under the breath commenter… sometimes inappropriate words (thank God most of the people here don’t understand English… lol). My personal assistant/translator, Vivi was with me. I went into the stairwell, took some nice deep breaths, said out loud, “stay zen, do not allow it in, meditate.” Vivi asked me if I was a Buddhist 🙂 It made me smile. I got over it pretty quick and continued on with my morning.

Then I started reading the Entertainment news on my morning break. I usually don’t follow Entertainment news… I don’t care what these people do in their personal lives, I want to be entertained by them. Two stories piqued my interest this morning.

First… Kourtney Kardashian had her baby girl. So, why would this pique my interest? Well, she was planning a home water birth and I’m a huge home water birth advocate… in fact, a water birth expert… so I was rooting her on. She had an “all-natural” birth according to her sister’s tweet, but no further info. I’m looking forward to the results… So what does this have to do with my Kindness post? Oh my… the UNKIND comments people made on the story. Calling her a whore and loser and a bunch of other names. How sad is that? Why do people even bother on commenting? I would say that for every 1 kind comment there were 10 or more UNkind comments. I personally like watching their show when I am at home in the States… I don’t have to think, they are funny to me and they have pretty much the same problems the rest do with life & relationships. Congrats Kourtney… I hope this child brings you as much joy as your baby boy has!
**On a side note, this article from Australia has nothing but KIND things… is it Americans that are so cynical and unkind?

And the next news item… Tom and Katie have divorced in just 11 days since Katie filed. I love Tom Cruise… I don’t care about what he practices spiritually… I seriously don’t… I love him as an actor. He always entertains me and I could look at him forever. His latest movie, Rock of Ages is hysterical and the man can sing! And oh what I could do to those gun tats on his err, um, lower abdominal area 😀 The soundtrack has all of my favorite songs from the 80’s and I walked out of the movie theatre HAPPY… HAPPY, with a grin on my face… I can’t say that about many movies. The high from being happy from the movie lasted for hours afterwards. OK… enough about that movie, hehe… The comments were SO UNKIND after the story that I just stopped reading. Again, why are people so unkind? What is the point of writing horrible comments. What cracks me up is that the people writing the comments write them as if Tom Cruise will actually read them… LOL.
You know what I say… good on them. I’m sure there was a prenup and things were hammered out quickly for everyone’s benefit… especially their child Suri. I think it was very grown up for them to handle things so quickly and without it dragging on forever.

And finally… as I was walking back to work after a yummy lunch at home, I saw this on the sidewalk, while listening to the Rock of Ages soundtrack and the song, “I Wanna Know What Love Is” was blaring in my ears…

Isn’t that what all of us want… a little heart? A little love? A bit of kindness? After seeing the leaf, I started thinking about writing this post. I then walked back a block to take this picture. I’m going to practice showing some love for the rest of the week… I’ll let ya know how that goes 😀


23 thoughts on “Kindness, Kourtney, Divorce & Tom Cruise

  1. Loved this blog..i have been so grumpy the past couple of weeks and my ever laid back husband just keeps on telling me not to get stressed out over things that i can do nothing about (and yes that made me more grumpy in turn lol) Sometimes we get so caught up in stuff it takes over all of the good things in our life….going to try your ‘take and deep breath and zone out today’ will let you know how i go!

  2. You gotta have heart…all you really need is heart…. Life is funny and people are so wrapped up in their own dramas. I think that the nasty potty mouthing is a uniquely American thing. So many people are so messed up that cutting others down is their ‘sport’ if you will….
    You Sandi, choose to see the world from a different perspective…that is not easy. However
    (I believe) that by making that choice you get rewarded with simple reminders from the benevolence of the grand universal Spirit in the form of a leaf. Confirming and reminding you & us that it is really all about the love. Magic.

  3. Sandi,
    I hope that my post did not come off as me being nice all the time…I have my moments…lol. I definitely have days when the world just drives me nuts and I, like you, have a hard time containing myself. However, I have never made a degrogatory comment on a blog, nor will I ever. We as humans need to rise above leaving nasty comments on complete strangers blogs hiding under the veil of anonymity. And like you said not just blogs, but entertainment sites etc. I want to think that people are better than that. Thank you for stopping by and for giving me a little shout out!


  4. Lovely blog! How funny you found that heart shaped leaf! I believe no matter what or how I’m get spoken too badly by the odd person to respond as kindly as I can and if that doesn’t work hopefully karma will bite them on the bum!

  5. Awh, what a great post. That leaf pic is super cute!
    So I take it you would reccomend I go watch Rock of Ages then… note taken 😉 I’m a big Tom Cruise fan as well!

    Good luck with the kindness. 😉

  6. OMG! I had stop checking your blog since I entered Consolidation Phase, but today I decided I should take a look at how other people are doing… You look SO great! Congratulations! Really! Last time I checked it was January, you have changed so much! It’s amazing! Your journey is really inspiring.

    • Thanks, Kaye. If we can’t spread the love, then what’s the point? I definitely have my bad days, but I do try to put myself in other’s shoes and think about how I’d feel if people talked about me that way. I’m glad we found each other! Can’t wait to peruse your blog this afternoon!

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