DAY 9 – Daily Photo Challenge


Day 09 – A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most.

Well, this will probably be the most difficult post to write out of all of them. Because the person who has gotten me through the most in my life isn’t in my life anymore. She could probably say that I got her through the most, as well.

Susan and I met in 1975 at Stuart Middle School. Her dad was our band leader and we both played clarinet. It would take me days to write all the stuff we’ve been through together, middle school, high school, marriages, divorces (me), kids, kid with disabilities, grandkid with disabilities, concerts, job problems, kid problems, legal problems, health scares, college graduations, tons of trips together, scary subways, diets, and mean people. Through thick and thin we stayed friends, often calling each other at the exact same time, always ending our phone conversations with I love you… And we did and probably still do, but sometimes it’s time to say goodbye and put a relationship to rest. That happened 4 years ago. I haven’t spoken to her since. And although I miss that closeness that we had, I knew it was time to move in another direction.

But she is undoubtedly the person who picked me up, brushed me off and got me through some of the craziest times in my life and I will always have that!

The first picture is 1975 marching in a parade.

We’re the first and second ladies from the right. Celebrating our 40th birthday with friends we graduated high school with. Picture taken 2003.


5 thoughts on “DAY 9 – Daily Photo Challenge

    • Oh, I have lots and lots of lifetime friends. We all grew up in a small town… I’ll be flying home Monday and will have dinner with them all on Thursday night and I can’t wait! I feel like I’m so lucky to have grown up in a town so awesome that my closest friends all still live there.

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