DAY 3 – 60 Day Photo Challenge

Day 03 – A picture of the cast from your favorite show.


I loved this show. Hell, I’m emotional writing this and the show ended 7 years ago! I loved Andy Sipowitz, played by Dennis Franz. I can’t tell you how many tears of joy and sadness I shed over the course of 12 years.

Ironically, I was here in China on March 1, 2005, when the final episode aired. I was doing a private home birth in Hong Kong. A friend of mine recorded it on her VCR for me. I still have the tape! Actually I have the entire series on DVD 😀

Great show, wonderful cast… I miss Andy!

11 thoughts on “DAY 3 – 60 Day Photo Challenge

  1. HAHAHA! You crack me up! I still feel that way about “Homicide: Life on the Streets.” I can’t tell you how long that’s been off the air, I still watch old episode and still LOVE it! I totally took the “currently” route on this challenge… I should have thought a little harder about it!

  2. I don’t have a television for view TV only DVD’s but my daughter found Glee dvd’s and we’ve all become so hooked on them:) I know how you can get attached to a character.

  3. So sad, I’m like tri-grandma-try–I have no idea what that show is. I’m guessing CSI something? (because of Bratt). My favorite show? Star Trek-TNG or the Cosby Show. I could watch reruns of those til the cows come home.
    Where will you live in the US when you do arrive?!

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