DAY 4 – Daily Photo Challenge

Day 04 ā€“ A picture of your night.

First, let me say I’m sorry that I forgot to name my favorite TV series in yesterday’s photo challenge… I can’t believe I did that… It’s NYPD Blues šŸ˜€

Now on to this pic… I’ve been trying to get this shot since I was first here in Guangzhou in April. I’m always in a taxi zooming down the highway, as I was when I took this last night. How to explain in Mandarin that I want to stop on the highway to get a good shot… LOL.

We tend to forget that we have various words in our different languages (even from English speaking country to English speaking country) that have different meanings… That said, I present to you the T.I.T. building, at night, in Guangzhou, China. The letters stand for Trading In Technology. I have to admit that the juvenile side of me finds it funny.


13 thoughts on “DAY 4 – Daily Photo Challenge

  1. hahah…brings me back to grade 7 when we were studying South America and the teacher mentioned Lake Titicaca. All the boys went berserk. We’re a funny lot us humans.

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