Caine’s Arcade

I love when I take a few minutes to click a link and learn about others… our days are usually so busy, we don’t take the time… Take the time, dear readers… This video is only 10:59 and it is worth every second for the great feeling you have after watching it.


Now, go read!!! It’ll make your day… Caine is an awesome kid!


6 thoughts on “Caine’s Arcade

  1. I had heard about this a couple of weeks ago and watched the video then! It is so awesome how that one guy made such a difference in Caines life. He will never forget the day when hundreds of people from LA came to his Arcade. I bet he will go on to be a successful entrepreneur. So glad to see there are still some awesome people left in this crazy world.

    • I love good news stories… this is a fun one. I love how this man simply came in to buy a door handle and had a huge impact on Caine’s life… doing for others… something we should all take time out of days to do!

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