How To Turn Word docs into jpegs for uploading to WordPress

OK… sorry to those of you that get notifications… I hit publish instead of Preview to see if the upload I did worked… silly me 😀

OK… Trial and error… I figured this out a couple of months ago and thought it might be useful to others… so here goes!

1. Open the Word doc that you want to publish to WP.

2. Zoom out so that the entire page of the document can be viewed on the screen:

3. Find the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard… keyboards vary, but it’s usually above the number buttons up at the top.


5. On your computer go to START —> ALL PROGRAMS —> ACCESSORIES —> PAINT and open PAINT

Note the PAINT highlighted on the left... and my beautiful daughter, her awesome husband and my adorable grandson as my desktop pic 🙂 Jose is about 45 seconds old in this picture!

6. In PAINT, right click on the white area and select PASTE

7. Crop out anything you don’t want… or leave as is…

8. The easiest is to save as a JPEG file… there are many options, but this is the best for uploading, in my opinion…

9. Upload to your WordPress post… easy peasy 🙂

10 thoughts on “How To Turn Word docs into jpegs for uploading to WordPress

  1. I’ll sure try this out Sandi thanks so much. I commend your command of the computer 🙂 For me it’s a real love/hate relationship. So I’m guessing the publish/preview mention would be why I only saw the post as item 1? I’m actually thinking of taking a class at the local college so I don’t have to feel like such a dunce all the time…. Although, the class will probably be peopled with 20 somethings that know tons more than me already. Dunce cap back on. Hee heee.

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