Ridiculously Amazing!

So, I have a confession… I’m a blog stalker. I wish I could get paid to read and comment on blogs, I’d stop midwifing in a New York minute if there was such an opportunity.

Yesterday, while blog surfing I came upon a blog about promoting your blog on Pinterest and that sent me to this amazing blog on how to create printable quotes!

And so I downloaded Picasa and uploaded all of my pictures and picked this one as the background for today’s inspirational message…


I then went to iWatermark and put my blog watermark on it, so when it’s “liked” or “repinned” on Pinterest, my blog address will still be attached.

I took this picture while camping on Bassam Beach in Oman.


8 thoughts on “Ridiculously Amazing!

  1. This is an amazing photo….I LOVE the beach. Sandi, it is not just your weight loss journey that inspires me. We are the same age, yet I am a total futz w/ computers, in fact I’ve never posted a message on a blog until yesterday. I also love your positive attitude and uncanny travel bug! So like the weight loss, learning a new thing, (even a smallie like posting a comment) is growth. My motto: Change is an opportunity to grow. Today I lost 1.6#. I have a ? Is stevia an appropriate sweetener? I can’t find it referred in the book anywhere. I don’t like to use artificial stuff if I can avoid it. Thanks:)

    • Hi Anna! I’m a computer geek LOL… I got my first one in 1989. I’m still learning new things, I surf around and find things, usually by accident 🙂

      And 1.6 pounds is awesome! That’s the way to work it!

      Stevia is permissable. Dr. Dukan prefers aspartame because it’s been around for so long, but Stevia qualifies as it’s basically non-caloric and therefore non-carb.

    • The midwifery has been wonderful… such a blessing to be present at birth! And I love your blog… you have your hands full, but how wonderful to be at home with them! Going chemical free at home is such a great gift to give your kids!

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