Dukan – Day 149 & 150 – Fly Away!

Monday was a PV day… Tuesday was a 37 hour day and lots of airplane food.

Daily weight loss: 0.4 lb/0.20 kg
Total weight loss: 65.1 lb/29.61

So I’ve reached 65 lbs off! So awesome and nearly 30 kgs! Monday was my final day at work before my holiday home. Things are really festive because this is the week leading up to Chinese New Year and all the big bosses are out of town šŸ™‚

Breakfast: Two tea eggs, 500mL water
Snack: cup of coffe with Splenda and skin milk
Lunch: a beautiful piece of fish with diced peppers, onions, garlic and ginger… Yum! And 550mL water.
Dinner: yogurt with bran and Splenda… I just didn’t feel like making anything
Snack: tea with milk and Splenda

Finished my packing and headed to bed early… Setting the alarm for 0800 in hopes of a sleep in because my driver wasn’t coming to get me until 1045.

Tuesday… Up at 0555, LOL! So much for sleeping in! Slapped my shoes on and went out for a brisk walk in my jammies with my wool coat on. Took a shower and dressed and still how a long wait!
Breakfast: Sirloin chunks stir fried with onions and a bit of seasoning. 500mL water, cup of coffee.
Did the Internet and texted the driver to come get me early šŸ™‚
I check in and then go through immigration and the buzzers go off. This, of course, gives me a heart attack! They pull me to the side and everyone is talking in Chinese… I’m doing my best to breathe and remain calm. They then drag me back to the ticket counter, where it is discovered some mistake has been made, I lose the plot, start shaking and asking them WHAT mistake, no one could speak good enough English to tell me anything but “we fix, we fix”!!! Next thin I know I’m in a Business Class seat (small 737) and all was right with the world. Except they couldn’t check me in for my flight from Osaka to Seattle or Seattle to JFK…
Lunch: 2 tea eggs (mine) and a piece of fish from the food served on plane and a tiny bit of salad. 350mL water and Pepsi Max.
1 hour layover And I have to find the gate to get checked in. Security doesn’t want to let me go through to onward bound area because I don’t have a boarding pass… Argh! And to boot, they want to pat me down, which I’m always happy to do… I prefer to be safe šŸ™‚ Anyway, lady from Delta comes to security and says, “oh, Ms. Blankenship! We’ve been waiting for you” and they let me through… Just like that. And now I’m sitting business once again because of my troubles, LOL. At least I’m not breaking my resolution of traveling cheaper šŸ˜€
Dinner: Filet Mignon and asparagus, with a lovely salad of rocket greens and teeny pieces of feta cheese, which I ate… Now I’m off to lala land, while cruising at 32000 feet above the Pacific Ocean en route to my homeland šŸ™‚
Lala land, not so much. Slept a grand total of 2 hours and landed in Seattle at 1045 am TUESDAY morning… I left China at 140 pm TUESDAY afternoon! This is going to be a long, long day…
I’m now flying over the midwest of the U.S., 5 hour Delta flight, no meal service, WTF? I could see if it was 2-3 hr flight, but seriously? I’m eating the free peanuts šŸ™‚ And trying to stay awake so that when I get to New York City, I can hunker down into the hotel bed and pass out!


Quote of the day: I know how to do anything, I’m a Mom ~ Rosanne Barr

6 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 149 & 150 – Fly Away!

  1. Yay for 65lbs!!!!!! Woo hoo to traveling in business class. Traveling the globe sounds so glamourous but when you have long waits in airports it is anything but – food wise you have done awesome!

  2. Sounds like you had quite a day. At least they provided you with better accomadations for your troubles. Was glad you finally arrived home. Was so happy to see you here.. I enjoyed our visit. Just wish it could have bee longer.

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