Dukan – Day 147 – Packin’ and a WHOOSH!

Saturday was suppose to be a PP day, but the leftover shrooms called to me!

Daily weight loss: 2.0 lbs/0.9 kg!!!
Total weight loss: 64.3 lb/29.21 kg

Wow! That’s all I can say about that! I have no explanation for that whoosh and I’ll be even happier if I stay the same and don’t gain for tomorrow morning’s weigh in. I got off and on the scale 5 times to make sure it was right. Took a battery out, put it back in, put my glasses on and then got back on… Same same.

I slept in until 804!!! Put on my yoga pants and an oversized t-shirt, slapped on my shoes and went straight out into the 42 degree air and did C25K. It was pissing down the rain, so I was cautious. But it felt good and there is no one around because they all leave the city and go to their villages for Chinese New Year. I picked up 2 pretty leaves on my path this morning… One is from the heart tree and the other one looks like a mini pot leaf, not sure what the tree is, but its tiny, too! Then back upstairs for hot coffee and warmed up left overs and a catch up on the computer.


Accomplished a ton of stuff during the day, finished packing, finished my first book of the year, “The Tenth Insight” by James Redfield. Got all my laundry done, ordered and downloaded books to my iPad for reading (going to try out Val McDermid and a detective series that she writes) and had enough time for painting. I’ve had a lot on my mind and painting was a nice distraction. I actually painted two today!



Lunch was yogurt with a tea egg. And late in the afternoon, so at dinner time I wasn’t really hungry and had a bit of dodgy tummy and a lingering headache. Made myself eat a quick stir fry of onions, mushrooms and cut up tea eggs with no seasoning and then crawled on the couch feeling even yuckier 😦 Cheered up by a couple of nice long chats with my girlies. To bed with some Tylenol on board, satisfied with all I got done… Still not sure why I whooshed 🙂


Quote of the day: If you can’t make it better, you can laugh at it ~ The divine Erma Bombeck
I adored Erma Bombeck!

12 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 147 – Packin’ and a WHOOSH!

  1. Yep, Japanese Maples are usually pretty small too. They grow super slowly, but are just stunning little trees. I’m thinking about getting one for our garden – there are some hardy winter varieties which could survive Scotland.

  2. You have been eating your own cooking. Could that be the reason for your whoosh? You are just knocking those pounds away and moving better all the time.

    Hope your tummy is better.

  3. Mini pot leaf? LOL I had no earthly idea what one of those would look like! 😉 Your paintings are great. Is there anything that you don’t do?

    I was just looking at The Tenth Insight and I added to my TBR. I really enjoy books like this. I hope you enjoy Val as much as I do.

    My tea eggs are soaking. I have them in the fridge, is this correct? I could not find star anise so used anise seeds.

    Have a great day/night/trip.

    • I started painting last March. Took a 6 month online course through http://www.cosmiccowgirlsuniversity.com/ I own a few of Shiloh’s pieces and she’s an amazing teacher.

      You should read the Celestine Prophecy before you read the Tenth Insight… the books really make you think about things in life and have made me more aware of people.

      Yup, tea eggs in the fridge! They’ll keep for up to 5 days 🙂 Enjoy!!!

  4. Fantastic you got a whoosh! You deserve it for your dogged determination. The podcasts I am listening to at the moment are the ones from Jimmy Moore Livin la Vida low carb show – at the moment he has his encore podcasts – his top 5 guests as voted by the listeners have been re-interviewed and answer questions. I have learned a lot particularly about diabetes, insulin, statins etc it is very interesting and makes you feel good about eating low carb as a way to take care of yourself. I think when I hit consolidation and stabilization I will still think twice about eating wheat.

    • A big whoosh… felt like crap all day though… 😦 more about that on my blog I’ll post later. After reading this comment I downloaded 21 of the podcasts, well they are down loading as I type… looks like it will take a while… LOL I look forward to it. I see one of the podcasts is by Dr. Davis… I’ll listen to that one first!

      • I find I pay more attention if I listen to them while walking or running. If I listen to them while lying on the bed I tend to fall asleep – just thought I would add that. O thought the one with Dr Davis was very good! You’ll be able to order your quest bars while in Florida. Shame I can’t get them here in NZ – they sound like a nice Dukan friendlish treat.

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