Post A Week Challenge: Faces

I love the Weekly Challenges that WordPress encourages it’s bloggers to do. This challenge particularly caught my eye because I was purging pics and videos off my poor old Dell (she’s 4.5 years old!) last night and came across one of my all time favorite pictures.

Back story… I had spent 8 days in London and Paris with my mom, daughter Jenni, pseudo-niece Aleisha and granddaughters Sydnie and Sadie. My granddaughter Sadie, who was 5 the summer of 2009, came back to Abu Dhabi to spend 5 weeks with me. She loves gadgets and soon figured out stuff on my Canon PowerShot SX10 that even I didn’t know how to use! The feature that she figured out and played with the most was the timer on the camera.

So here is one of the pics she took of herself… I find it intriguing, dark, curious and of course… beautiful. She is lying on a Persian rug in my lounge…. talented lil bugger!

Sadie Rose a Self Portrait

6 thoughts on “Post A Week Challenge: Faces

  1. Jacob is going through a similar stage – they are just so natural and wonderful! Sensitive little souls – it is like their eyes are windows to another world some times. Bless.

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