Weekly Photo Challenge: PATH

WordPress has this nifty daily & weekly photo challenges to get your creative juices flowing. I haven’t participated before, but this challenge is one that brought back some awesome memories of my walk across France and Spain last year… Enjoy!

You can start by seeing part of my awesome PATH in my header on each blog page ↑

The long, uphill climb out of Orisson, France…



My Path… outside Roncesvalles.


Walking the Path

Hope you enjoyed 🙂

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: PATH

    • There were people your age out there, Mom. Walked with a Dutch guy celebrating his 70th birthday and every single morning this amazing 76 year old woman would pass us with a cheery hello. She got in to the next town hours ahead of us each day!

  1. When I read and hear about your adventures my heart starts to race. You are an amazing example of taking life by the horns and riding it untill it calls uncle. 😉 :0 Keep blazin the trails I hope to follow in your foot steps.

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