Self Control


So this goes right along with Moonday’s Philosophy, she’s a fellow Dukaner, who I discovered early in my journey and put her words on my fridge… Will I regret NOT eating this? The answer of course is always NO.

I ran into this problem yesterday. It’s been rare for me to be conflicted. Fortunately it wasn’t carbs, but low fat Gouda. I know, I know… Not allowed on Dukan, but I picked up a 200g block while in Shanghai as a treat on the train, along with my Shashimi.


I filled up on the Shashimi and had a tiny bite of the cheese. Then I took it and the ham slices to work for lunch with the intent of having a tiny amount again. I found myself OBSESSED with wanting to eat all of it! After my 4th little piece I started searching my inspirational quotes for some help and found the one at the top of this post… STOP! OK, I did… THINK! WHAT COULD HAPPEN? Well, I could keep eating and then be disappointed in myself or stop then, after eating four small bites. And so I stopped, I sealed it up and locked it in the cupboard. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT??? After I thought about it for a few minutes, the answer was YES! I definitely don’t regret putting it away.

Self control is tough! The bottom line for me is what does the finish line look like and do I want to take longer to get there? NO… DO YOU want to take longer to get there?


Eat to Meet

It is so easy to talk yourself into eating something you shouldn’t to satisfy an immediate need. It is heroic to say NO! If you don’t have the crap in the house, you won’t be able to eat it. Throw it out. Don’t wait to start your diet until you’ve eaten it all… donate it, just get it out of your house. You’ll feel good about it… I promise you 🙂