Dukan – Day 137 How To Save A Life

Wednesday was a PP day… Day 2 of 4

Daily weight loss: 0.7 lb/0.3 kg
Total weight loss: 57.9 lb/26.31 kg

Well I certainly had a busy day! I started off with my 1 mile walk to work in the freezing 31 degree air… Certainly wakes ya up. Morning rounds and help with breastfeeding and met a lovely local girl, in early labor, who lived in the States for several years. Then off to bath babies, 5 of the little squirmy things! You give them a bath, they float in the tank for 15 minutes and then you give them a head to toe massage and then dress them… The midwives do this here at the hospital I work at, and I have to admit I enjoy it. They play classical music in the background and it’s nice and warm and you get to snuggle with babies… Great job 🙂


Then after lunch I’m told that the lady in early labor is requesting me to be her midwife and she wants a water birth… I put my head phones back on to finish up an infection control policy that I was working on (my alleged real job here is Quality Manager) and the last song I listened to was The Frey “How To Save A Life”. Went over, patient on Pitocin, rockin’ and rollin’, and moving all over the tub (I will add here that International standards of care recommend that women receiving oxytocin for induction be on continuous fetal monitoring and not laboring in a birth tub!). BUT, I decided to follow the advise of Dear Abby from my quote of the day the other day and only work on improving MYSELF… Too bad I got Kathy’s Blog advise AFTER work about it not being relevant to my job where I’m suppose TO change others, LOL
Anyway… Beautiful water birth, flat baby who required 5 minutes of resuscitation. NOTE TO SELF… Don’t listen to How To Save A Life, when waiting to go to a birth!! Baby is fine, midwife has a few extra gray hairs! Here’s the little brute:


And this is Li’an, the midwife who came into help with the resus…


So a good outcome is all that matters… On the list, protocol for appropriate management of induction of labor… I could be employed here for a long, long time!


Quote of the day: “Thank you, baby boy, now I’m gonna smack you with a big old kiss!” ~ S. Blankenship-yesterday 🙂