Here we go!!!

Prior to going on holiday to the States, Lucy and I went to the book shop in the Al Jimi Mall and I discovered the Dukan Diet book, written by Dr. Pierre Dukan. I’m not fond of the word DIEt, since the 1st 3 letters spell “DIE”, so I’m going to call it the Dukan Program 🙂

I threw the book in my carry on luggage and boarded my flight and read my other novels while flying home to see family and friends. I ignored the book, purposefully while I was on my holiday.

On my first Friday in Florida I had a lovely, inspiring and motivating lunch with John Geraghty, who I went to high school with. His vocation is a life coach, and he’s awesome at it! His business is Courageous Authenticity. And we chatted for over 2 hours… me even admitting to John how much I weighed. Two things came to my mind at that point… 1. I just admitted how much I weighed to a guy and 2. Was I too comfortable with my weight? The answer to question number 2 made me think real hard about how I needed to get back in to control. John gave me some great tools for working towards my goals… THANKS JOHN… YOU ROCK!

The second thing that made me realize I needed to really get back on track with my weight was a picture that my dear Aleisha posted from our class reunion pics… my ass, well… you can see:

So… when I got on the plane in Miami and headed back the sand pit I live in, I dug that book out and started reading. I didn’t gloss over or speed read. I took my time, and read every single word on every single page. I wanted to understand why this program was going to be different than all the others. Why is it different from Atkins… well, let me tell you. Even though it is a high protein, low carb diet, it isn’t a free for all of eating whatever you want. Dr. Dukan makes sure that you understand from the get go that you aren’t going to be eating bacon burgers! This program is high protein and low FAT and low carb. I also like that he counts all fluids towards your daily count, not just water.

So… I am starting the program on Monday (why do we always start on Mondays?). I will be walking 20 minutes a day, as prescribed by Dr. Dukan… he tells you that you MUST do this and I will be starting back to seeing a personal trainer 2 times a week. Part of this program is to weigh yourself daily. I will write a daily blog with my previous days diet and morning weight loss.

On a side note… I am planning a 50th birthday cruise for my school mates in 2013. One of the places we are planning on visiting is Belize and zip line. There isn’t a weight limit but a WAIST limit. My waist today is the MAXIMUM waist circumference to use the equipment! That just isn’t acceptable 🙂 So I’m doing something about it!

So, say a little prayer for me. I look forward to all of you supporting me and cheering me on. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

I resisted putting this on… I think they are cheesy, but I think it’s a good weigh to keep track of the goals!