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So, I got this message from my buddy Sandy over at TheSandyTongue. A challenge. One that, if asked by anyone else, I probably wouldn’t do… LOL. But his posts keep me in stitches. Even the ones I don’t agree with. I try really HARD not to read his posts at work, because I laugh so loud they KNOW I’m not working! So here goes…

thesandytongue on April 27, 2012 at 2:13 pm said:Edit

Hello dear, I nominated you, enjoy:http://thesandytongue.wordpress.com/2012/04/27/tmi-most-embarrasing-night-involving-a-toilet/

In the fall of 1983 I was a 19 year old mother of 2 and recently separated from husband Number 1, due to finding him screwing a 16 year old in our bed, while my 2 year old was playing in the living room and I was grocery shopping… this happened at 5 weeks post-partum.

Needless to say, I was suffering from raging postnatal depression AND situational depression.

Said ex-husband (may he rest in peace… he died from the affects of alcoholism at the young age of 44) had 2 best friends, Rick and Tom. And they decided we were going out for a night on the town. The “happening place” in good ole Stuart, Florida was The Stage East. **Please note, when I was 19, back in 1983, you could still legally drink alcohol at that age, it changed the following July 1, and my little sister (just 19 months younger than me) had to wait to 21 (not that she did… lol).

Anyhoo… I have not much recollection of that night except I had 3 rum and cokes, 2 Long Island ice teas and 2 pina coladas. We then went to an “after party” at Rick’s house. Where I apparently threw up on every surface of his bathroom, except the ceiling. Although, according to Rick, I almost hit the ceiling with it 🙂 I then passed out, hit my head on the bathtub and woke up in the hospital.

Not a proud moment, to be sure. I have never, ever been drunk since then. I have actually never, ever had more than 2 drinks in one 24 hour setting. I’m the designated driver. I would say that I’ve probably had 3 drinks this year, so far, and the last one was on the plane coming back to China where I dumped 1/2 of one of those little airplane sized Bacardi bottles into a diet coke… the other 1/2 is still in my cupboard… that was February 9th.

I wasn’t invited back out to party with that group. Rick said it took 3 of them 2 hours to clean the bathroom from the vomit and blood… more embarrassing that you can imagine.

And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!