Dukan – Day 196 – To Shanghai For Boxes

Friday was a PP Day.

Daily weight loss: 0.2 lb/0.10 kg
Total weight loss: 73.5 lb/33.41 kg

So I’m sitting on a train writing this. Taking an impromptu (at least I wasn’t aware) trip to Taizhou to be the guest speaker, presenter and media darling for the opening of their water birth room. This is what Kitty is doing…


More on the train tomorrow.

Friday up 425 a.m. To go to Shanghai to pick up my friend Lucy’s boxes. I know I’m an early riser, but seriously? Anyway, my driver, Jerry is awesome and his command of the English language is pretty darn good! He’s also teaching me Mandarin by word association, which works well for me. I found Jerry aka Hangzhou Jerry on a local BBS here. I’m so glad I did. His rates are reasonable (100 RMB/hour, $13) and he’s a safe driver and is like having your own private tour guide 🙂

We were in and out of customs in less than 30 minutes which must be some kind of record! And then on the road again to Hangzhou. We stopped midway for Jerry to get a bowl of noodles and me some meat.

After the boxes were settled in the office on my flat, I did 30 minutes of wii yoga and read emails.
Dinner was Beef stir fry with onions and seasoned with my son-in-law’s Awesome Sauce. And is it awesome and hot! I also put on some cracked lemon-pepper seasoning. Yummy!


I went running for 35 minutes and to bed early… Long day!