Get Up!

Inspired tonight by my walk home. The sun was out all day and it has significantly improved my mood πŸ˜€ I realized on way to work this morning that my iPhone hadn’t been restored after downloading the latest iOS 5 update last night. The only song on my iPhone was the Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta Feelin'”. So walking home tonight, in the good mood I’m in (I’ve lost 70 pounds, I’m going to Shanghai for the day tomorrow and the sun is out) I played it and basically sang and bounced my way home. The locals think I’m a whack… πŸ˜€
Two lines that inspired tonight’s Words For Thought…
“Jump off that sofa
Let’s get get OFF”
“Look at her dancing
Just take it off”

So, what did I take off? 70 pounds! How have I done it? Staying true to the Dukan Diet and WALKING… EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! Sometimes just 30 minutes, sometimes a couple hours. NO EXCUSES… It’s just walking. WALKING… Doesn’t cost anything, don’t need a gym membership, don’t need special shoes. I’ve walked my ass off, literally… Tomorrow I’ll show my before and after ass, you’ll see what walking can do for YOU! Now get off the computer and take a walk πŸ™‚