Dukan – Day 71

Sunday was a PV day.
Daily weight loss: 0.4 lb/0.2 kg
Total weight loss: 39.8 lb/18.11 kg

I started out my morning with scrambled eggs with onions and garlic stems.

I had a great day out yesterday. My assistant Kitty took me to an amazing market that had TONS of art supplies! I got all this for $40 USD:


After the market we went across town to the “western mall” and had a yummy lunch at a place like Benihana’s, but it only cost me $14 for both of us!




Then we went grocery shopping… Lovely afternoon.

When I got back I painted… This is what I whipped up:


It’s my third painting… it is so relaxing to create something.

Dinner was a half roasted chicken with onions and asparagus.

I then chatted on the phone for a bit, caught up with the Abu Dhabi girls after that and then did a 30 minute walk-jog combo on the iPhone… Couch to 5k…

Home for a yogurt with bran and Splenda, and then off to bed. It was a very satisfying day!