Work Christmas Party

I’ve been in a bit of a funk the past few days. I had a lovely 5.5 days in Abaco, Bahamas and came back to Florida on Wednesday. Thursday morning had me weighing 149.8… Too damn close to 150 for my liking! So I’m going to do 3 PP Dukan days Monday-Wednesday and my regular PP Day on Thursday and should be back on track.

Last night was my company’s annual Christmas party. I had a blast!

The bosses, Lorie and Miri know how to throw a party! We started the evening by getting our hair “blowed out”. Angie calls this the southern sweet potato look.


Here’s Angie singing. She’s got the voice of an angel…


That’s me, Lorie and Miri.

And me and Dr. Barry…


Zach and I …


Had a fabulous time!

On a sad note, my heart hurts for all of those affected by the shootings in Connecticut yesterday. Unfathomable 😦

36 thoughts on “Work Christmas Party

  1. Looking very healthy. Keep up the good work. When we lose too much weigh it can show more wrinkles on the face. pretty hair. I am thinking about how you will look at your class reunion.

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