You Did What?!?!

So I did this…


About 18 hours after my surgery. I was blitzed out on the ketamine used for anesthesia and I have no memory of doing it. Here is what I put on Facebook. The left column is before and the right column is after…


Since I couldn’t put pants on, it’s my guess that I ran in my tank and boy shorts… I guess no one noticed since it was so early in the morning! My daughters had great fun making up the 911 calls… “Um half naked zombie running over the bridges downtown with bloody bandages”.

The good news is that I hit a personal record (PR or PB in running code). LOL, too bad I have no memory of it. What I think is the funniest is that I had the mind set to turn RunKeeper on and off 😀

Ve behaved myself since! No running until next Monday, but I’ve been walking the bridges nearly daily.

How is everyone’s Monday going?


14 thoughts on “You Did What?!?!

  1. Ha ha love your surgeons comment 🙂 Whether you were drunk on anaesthesia or not way hey for a personal best !

  2. My daughter had a similar reaction after wisdom teeth out, she was on her way out to play basketball, not very happy that I canceled her plans…too funny…too bad you don’t remember, or maybe it is good you don’t remember…LOL

  3. Not surprised you managed to do all that and return safely. It’s a wonder the Stuart Blues didn’t stop and check you out. LOL!! Just happy you made it back safely.

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