Crazy 3 weeks!

What a crazy 3 weeks! I don’t even feel I’ve been home that long, but on the other hand I feel like its been a whirlwind!
Lots of ups and downs and all arounds!
I got home after midnight on a Friday, surprised by my daughters who both came to pick me up!
I left Saturday morning and drove across the State to Sarasota to pick up BeBe…


From there I drove north to Tampa for lunch with my friend, Tammy and then another 2 hours north to my mom’s for an overnight.
We left early the next morning for North Carolina. My mom’s best friend Sandy was our first stop and I left her there and went to stay with Sandy’s son Mark and his partner Eric. We had 3 days packed with mountain hikes, shopping, awesome food and hanging out.

So I’ll end this post with a gazillion pics of that trip…





Gluten-free chocolate torte!!!









Now rushing out mom’s door to head across State to see friends and then back to Stuart… Waiting to get off the roller coaster… WEEEEEEEE!

20 thoughts on “Crazy 3 weeks!

  1. Wow, you certainly get around!! Glad you had a safe trip to this side of the pond. Hoping you are settling in well.

  2. Hey Sandi, glad you are feeling well enough to post. Looks like you’ve been super busy with all the good stuff!! Sydnie is a dollface and the pups….too cute 🙂

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