Self Love Exercise – Part 10

Take time to write in your Radical Self Love Journal… & be sure to carry it around with you!

self love, self esteem, self confidence, journaling

There’s no better feeling than carrying around a notebook full of your dreams, goals, prayers & wishes. Journalling has been going on for a long time for a very good reason: it helps us realise who we are.

This has been a fun series to write about! It has brought about self-awareness for me and expanded my way of thinking. One of these is that I carry around a note book that my former personal assistant Kitty called the “blue sparkly note book”. I keep it in my back pack and pull it out when an idea or a thought occurs to me. I have horrible short-term memory so it helps me to also remember little things I’ve promised to do and have a place to jot down when it’s done.

self love, self esteem, self confidence, journaling

I am starting a new business when I get home later this month (I fly 1 week and 5 days!!! WOOT!!!) and my blue, sparkly note book has been a great place to journal my hopes and expectations for the business, business ideas that POP into my head, business ideas that I get from friends and family and bloggy friends.

I also use the journal to write down how I’m feeling about myself. It’s a great place to pat myself on the back, write down affirmations and gratitude. I also write down prayers, hopes and blessings for those around me. Prayers for friends on trips, helping others, going through surgery, running races, going through triumphs and trials… they are all written in my Blue Sparkly Note Book.

self love, self esteem, self confidence, journaling

Until we LOVE OURSELVES, we cannot properly LOVE OTHERS.

Do you keep a journal? What is the last thing you wrote about in it? Mine is a blessing for a fellow blogger who is running a triathlon today (Saturday)… good luck Sandra 🙂


Edited to add a pic of my Blue Sparkly Notebook 🙂

journal, blue sparkly notebook, self love

My Blue Sparkly Notebook!

18 thoughts on “Self Love Exercise – Part 10

  1. My blog is my journal but I do keep a teeny tiny notebook in my purse for random thoughts, quotes and observations. The last thing I wrote in it was this quote, “There is never any reason to complain about the way someone treats you once you understand that you taught them to treat you that way.”

    So excited for you, your move home and your new business 🙂


  2. Hi Sandi:) I have never had a journal or a notebook, I do wish I had started one last August at the beginning of Dukan, would have been great to look back and reflect on the ups and downs of my journey. You must be getting so excited about going home and your new adventures! X

  3. As always, your post is inspiring. I read yours, make resolutions, follow them for a few days, and then the tyrannies of life force their ugly claws into my days, demanding that I do this job or that before taking the time to do the “self-love” activities that you have so expertly and artfully described for us in your blog. OK, today is a good day to start over. Thank you, Sandi.

    • Mona, learning to love myself has made all those things that force themselves on me a wee bit easier 🙂 Between that amazing photography, playing with the granddaughter and teaching squeeze a bit of Mona time in! xoxo

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  6. This is so sad, but I was so busy apparently I never saw this! Thank you though! Because I DO have a triathlon coming up this weekend–so I will carry that blessing for me this coming Saturday (Funny, it’s even the SAME triathlon!)

    Love you, bug!

    FYI: I didn’t respond yet about the visit because I’ve not heard back from the Nursing folks yet. Also, I do have to go to KCMO to reunite with my best friend from HS that I haven’t seen since 1988 when we lost touch and went two totally different directions in life. As soon as I have that ironed out, you will come see me!

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