August Commitments, Goals, and Promises

I love the SMART steps outlined in this post for setting goals. Great idea! Constance lost more weight than me on Dukan! She is now working on fitness. She is an inspiration!

An Ongoing Transformation:

Goal setting, so very important. I have touched on this before but whether you are making goals for yourself subconsciously or taking the time to think and write them out for yourself… they are there, they are what pushes you forward and make you successful at achieving your dreams.

Short-term goals, long-term goals, promises to yourself and commitments, they are key to getting healthier, and to staying or becoming FIT.

I see it all over other blogs, mini goals, you might not have thought to yourself that you are really ‘goal setting’ or gone through, consciously, the steps to creating a solid goal, but you did. Setting goals for weight loss is very easy because all the components to weight loss are easily tracked and can be calculated.

You want to drop inches and see that scale drop. You want to drop body fat and visually see yourself get thinner…

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