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Sandy over at TheSandyTongue nominated me for the Kreative Blogger Award. I’ve totally been wanting this one and I’m glad it came from him! I’ve mentioned his blog several times before. Sandy says things the rest of us think and wish we had the balls to say. He’s rude, crude and politically incorrect and I laugh until I cry at most of his posts. He is honest and I love that about him. If you’re easily insulted, don’t click the link… If you want to have a good laugh and do some thinking, I encourage you to visit his blog!

Seven things about me:

1. I played softball as a kid and loved it. My mom was the coach and we celebrated whether we won or lost! My favorite co-player, Joy, grew up and married my favorite cousin!

2. I was a Rainbow Girl.
It instilled leadership values in me that I use to this day.

3. I’ve been divorced for 18 years and have had my ex-husband’s last name, not married to him, longer than I had my maiden name.

4. I have no fear of dying. None.

5. My favorite color is green.

6. I voted for President Obama, but have not lived in the States his entire term! Time to go home.

7. I’m very capable of multitasking, as I am doing now. I am at a marketing event smiling, nodding and typing a blog post 🙂

Seven nominees:

Anna who blogs about her diet, exercise and organic homesteading.

Tatjana who is a runner living in the UK, but travels all over for runs!

Cindy over at trigrandmatry. She inspires me to keep running and I’m committing to running a triathlon next year because of her and a few other runners like…

Sandra who has talked me into doing the Danskin Triathlon next year in Pleasant Prairie, WI. Can’t wait!

Cris at Lipomachia who was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and changed her lifestyle and is losing an amazing amount of weight on the process!

Cyn at ChunkyGoddess who cracks me up, uses the ‘F’ word more than me and just puts on her big girl panties and gets on with it! You go girl!

And MJ at Emjayandthem who makes me laugh, has wise words to live by and always lifts me up in her comments.

This list doesn’t even begin to touch the number of bloggers I could choose. There are SO many creative bloggers out there that inspire me daily!!!

15 thoughts on “Kreative Blogger Award

  1. You are sweet to include me but someone gave me this award before. On the flip side, I enjoyed learning more neat facts about you and i will happily check out the links you shared!

    Cheers to you!

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