Water Birth in China

Just attended the first water birth at the hospital in Guangzhou. First baby for this couple.

I love when I can see birth workers grow and learn to trust birth and it’s process. This lady only had two internal exams, one on admission this morning and another in the afternoon around 4 pm. She was 5 cms and transferred to the water birth room.

At 5 pm she was singing the loudest, sweetest birth song and holding onto me for dear life. One of the midwives wanted to check her, I said no, let’s watch what happens and 23 minutes later her sweet baby slipped gently into my hands and up to her chest. She and her husband cocooned with the baby and there wasn’t a peep out of anyone in the room. I think they were all stunned πŸ™‚

Days like this I love my vocation. Funny thing, as I was changing into scrubs I had a fleeting thought that I was too old for this… Now I’m going out to run! LOL


20 thoughts on “Water Birth in China

  1. I think I’d need a lot of convincing about a water birth – all I can do is imagine how the water must get all goopy and gross? And what if I poo in the middle of labour (I’ve heard that that happens?) Eeeeewwww… How do you get around all that yucky goopy stuff? Does the tub have a pump and a filter? πŸ˜‰

    • Charlotte… I’ll come to the UK and show you in person πŸ™‚
      The goop gets scooped out with a fish net and there is a lot less than most people think!

    • It really is not as gunky and “goopy” as you might think. Some births have not a drop of anything except perhaps the fat soluble coating (called vernix) that covers the baby floating in a few places in the pool. So, what if you poop in the bath water? It will either sink or float and be taken out without notice. When a woman is entrenched in her birth process, she is oblivious to most everything other than her inner dialogue with the baby. The baby actually benefits from the “germs” that the mother donates to the baby via being born vaginally and exposed to the delights and possible of the rectum. The baby needs that exposure to begin culturing its gut with probiotics which ultimately come from the mother. All that said, you really don’t pay attention to what the water looks like, but more what you feel like, and when you greet that baby, everything in the world disappears and the world is void again of anything other than pure immense feelings of love and belonging. Sandi and I will both come to the UK to share these mysteries with you. My next book, “Seven Secrets of Successful Waterbirth” will cover it too!!

  2. what a lovely post sandi…
    too old?
    i guarantee you run circles around most — and i mean that literally and figuratively!

    • Thanks, Cyn… It wears ya out, the highs and lows, but the adrenalin rush immediately after a birth and the after birth glow of a new mom always makes me happy… I had a good run this afternoon πŸ™‚

  3. two of my grandsons were waterbirths- After their sister was completely orchestrated induced drugged delivery- The first water birth was by accident- she was just going to use the ‘tub’ for laboring– πŸ˜‰ My son, the father, was in tears after his son’s peaceful, joyous entry into the world.
    He said it was beautiful and this is the way God meant it to be…. So number 3 was a water baby too!

  4. Beautiful post, Sandi. I echo Cyn’s thoughts, you’re the youngest person I know. Have a great day cyber friend.

    • Thanks, Jonelle… I sure have more energy! When I was leaning over the birth tub holding this momma in my arms I was grateful that I’ve been doing yoga… It helps with stamina and staying in one position for awhile!

  5. My Granddaughter Cora was a water birth that I had the honor of attending!! What a wonderful experience!

  6. Hi, thank you for these great news! This is amazing, that we have a chance to try a delicate births exactly in Guangzhou now))) I stay here with my family for some time, now when i realized that im pregnant again i was sure i would go back to my motherland for the delivery. But now i think i will visit this center asap! I realy couldn’t imaging before, that this is possible here in China! But I do hope this is not crazy expensive, like everything in GZ these days))))

    • Hi Elena. It is Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital. Jenny Jiao is in charge of our International Department 189-3398-1688. I’m sure she’d love to talk to you about birthing here. Congratulations on your pregnancy πŸ™‚

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