My Granddaughter Celeste Alena

Something a bit different than my Dukan diet… A story about my oldest grandchild, Celeste and a special request for my blogging community.

Celeste was born with a brain abnormality called microcephaly, which means small head, which results in a small brain. She also has agenesis of the corpus collosum. The corpus collosum is a thin, tendon like membrane that separates the two sides of the brain. In Celeste’s case this has caused severe developmental delays. She does not sit or stand on her own. She is unable to feed herself or even roll over… But she has the most amazing smile and personality of anyone you could ever meet.
Celeste will be 13 on April 25th. When she was little it was easy to move her from one place to another, put her in a carseat and buckle her in safely. This isn’t possible anymore. For starters she’s growing and is dead weight and difficult to transfer into the car. Because of her brain abnormality, her limbs are rigid and my daughter and her hubby have to use extreme caution getting her into the car without hurting her.
My daughter Jenni has signed up for a contest to win a wheelchair accessible van. This would be a God-send for them. Purchasing a van is cost prohibitive (contrary to what a lot of people think, insurance does not pay for this).
If you could take a moment of your time and click the link below, I would be so very grateful. If you’d really like to increase Celeste’s chance of winning, you can click everyday ๐Ÿ™‚
The PROMO CODE for the first time is 873… If you use that code, she gets 5 votes from you!

Here’s a pic of my sweet girl… If she could, she’d tell you THANK YOU ๐Ÿ˜€


Here’s a message from Celeste’s mom:

As many of you know, Chris & I really need a wheelchair van to safely transport Celeste. As she gets older & bigger, it gets more & more difficult to lift her in & out of our vehicles. The company below is being very generous by giving away 3 wheelchair accessible vehicles. It would be a huge blessing and relief for us if we were to win one of them. The winner will be selected from the top 10% that recโ€™d the most votes. Voting is going on now & ends on Sun., May 13th. We really need your help! Please vote for Celeste every day by searching โ€œMacMunnโ€ on under โ€œLocal Herosโ€. Right now, some people have over 3,000 votes & so we have a long way to go. Please share on your FB pages, blogs, etc. We really appreciate it. Enter promo code โ€œ873โ€ the 1st time you vote to get 5 entries instead of 1. Thank you all so very much!

And thank you, from my WHOLE HEART!

50 thoughts on “My Granddaughter Celeste Alena

  1. I votes and reblogged. My wife, Melissa, sits with a special needs child. Anna has cebrebral palsy and is a wonderful young lady about Celeste’s age. Her mother is the president of Project Kidz Kove ( which is trying to build a universally accessible playground in my new hometown. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank YOU for reblogging! Celeste’s symptoms are very similar to CP… I hope they are able to accomplish their playground goal… How rewarding would that be for all of the kids!

  2. Damn, just tried and the site is under maintenance. I will try later. I will try to do it every day or so as well. Hey, if you could remind on your blog each day, it might help! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Definitely will do Sandi! The site is under maintenance at the moment (for an hour/so) but as soon as its up and running again I’ll be on it! I checked out their facebook page and it seems to be due to the number of votes people have going down mysteriously?!?! xoxo

    • It’s an awesome dy to have a birthday! I delivered Celeste at my birth center. Becoming a grandmother was so amazing. That my face hurt from smiling so much ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Reblogged, voted, and shared on FB. If they are open to it, send me an email ( with information on where I might send a contribution.

  5. I’m very touched by the incredible response from your followers. Thank you all so very much for supporting Celeste and our family in our quest to get a wheelchair accessible vehicle. It would mean so much to us to get a wheelchair van and we can’t do it without you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Sandi, I am a very new follower and was completely touched by your post. I voted using the 873 code and also reposted at which will also link with my facebook page. I am going to do my best to remember to vote everyday. Have a great weekend and I am looking forward to continuing to follow your adventures.

  7. I shared the link and her story with my 200+ friends & (international) family on Facebook and I will reblog this link tomorrow to my WordPress followers. My MIL had M.S. for nearly 30 years; we were able to get her a van in her last 10 years of life … she loved having freedom to get out and get her hair done, go to lunch and just do “normal” things again.


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  9. Reblogged this on lifeandfriendship and commented:
    I have started looking for opportunities to commit random acts of kindness lately. This one is a no-brainer, don’t even have to get off my butt! If you have a chance why not vote to help out this sweet family and this beautiful little girl!

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