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  1. Wow, impressive! I had no idea it was that much of a difference, although of course I have always heard that mantra “muscle weighs more than fat” and being a somewhat intelligent person had converted it to “the same amount of muscle weighs more than the same amount of fat” … but the visual above is scary!!!
    Although I have my very own visual: my daughter weighs only a very bit less than what I have lost so far: so I see my weight loss running around every day 🙂
    And picking her up really brings home how much weight I was carrying around every day!!!

    • Moonday… when I was at the airport to fly home in January I put my big suitcase plus my carry on, on the scale to see how much they were, together, they were only 3 pounds more than I had lost… it’s awesome seeing that visual isn’t is?? Well done for both of us 😀

  2. Gross and real as well as timely. Yesterday’s small gain got me thinking that even 3.6# is about the size of a roasting chicken…not too shabby. All told I’ve gone from 195 to my current (and loss for today -.8) 155.2# about equivalent to carrying around a toddler. What a great visual aid. I’m copying it out and posting on the fridge:) Thanks Sandi.

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