Dukan – Day 143 – Pajama Day

Tuesday was suppose to be a PV day, but ended up being a PP day.

Daily weight loss: 0.4 lb/0.20 kg
Total weight loss: 61.4 lb/27.91 kg

What a fun day off. I switched to a day off because I was suppose to make a run to Shanghai for a friend, but that got cancelled and I slept in!! To 708 a.m.! Slapped on my running shoes, pulled on my wool coat OVER my jammies and went out and did C25K. I knew if I didn’t get my butt out the door first thing, it wasn’t going to happen! When I was done I grabbed my daily allotment of water from the little shop and had a pajama day 😀

Even though I schlepped around in my PJ’s the entire day, it was pretty busy. I checked emails and responded, read all the blogs I follow and commented, did 2 loads of laundry, finished all the packing I could do for my trip next week, cooked more tea eggs and wrote my blog. I chatted with a few people on Skype and had a TWO HOUR IM chat with my wonderful daughter, Jenni. I have no idea when she became smarter than me! Her sage advise was amazing and her love felt across the world, thanks my child… You’re pretty awesome 🙂

I also watched The Hangover. The first one. Oh my… I laughed so hard my sides hurt! I love stupid comedy, and looking at Bradley Cooper ain’t so bad either 😉 The pictures at the end were the best, I’m glad I watched this at home where I could laugh with abandon and not have to worry about stuffy people in the theatre!

Breakfast: Left over pork chunks and onions from last night… Even yummier in the morning reheated! 500mL water and a coffee.
Snack: Cup of milk tea (yellow label tea with skim milk and Splenda)
Lunch: I took a can of tuna, finely chopped a small piece of onion, chopped up a tea egg, grated on a tsp of curry and 1.5 Tbs of fat free yogurt and mixed together. Delicious! Thanks wwangel for the reminder that tuna is a yummy Dukan friendly meal! 500mL water, Coke Zero
Snack: Cup of milk tea (Earl Grey with skim and Splenda)
Dinner: Beef chunks sautéed in olive oil with onions, edamame and curry seasoning. I’ve been asked to describe how I cook my dinners, so here goes. Prep & Cooking time tonight 8 minutes! I put 2 Tbs olive oil in my wok and allow it to heat slowly while I chop 1/2 large onion. I like my onions chunky and toss them in the wok. Add some curry powder and sauté for 2 minutes. While that is cooking, I wash my meat (I live in China) and then cut it into bite-sized chunks. Toss that in, toss on some more curry powder, stir well and let simmer for 4 minutes. I then turn the gas up on high for one minute to brown the meat and put in the bowl. Yum! The curry, meat juices and olive oil make a lovely gravy.

I have no veggies in the flat, besides onions… So my PV day ended up being a PP day. I will walk through the fresh market on my way home from work to pick up some veggies.

And lastly… Over 200 people read my blog on Tuesday. The only other time that happened was in August when I was selling my furniture. It was very exciting to track the stats through the day! I also reached 60 followers, meaning that 60 people receive an email whenever I post a blog. I am humbled beyond words. I keep this blog about my diet to track my journey and my main motivation 5 months ago was to hold myself accountable, it is so much more than that now. Thank you 😀


Quote of the day: You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.
– Beverly Sills

Pic of the day: My Curried Beef and Onions…


20 thoughts on “Dukan – Day 143 – Pajama Day

  1. That Wok looks so delicious!! I am doing that recipe this weekend!!!!
    I love pajama days and watching silly movies at home as well.. its such a great therapy!!
    congrats on all your followers!! I am one of them 🙂

  2. I have JUST discovered Curry Powder myself – NOM! I shall have to try your tuna mix – I used to love tinned tuna, but can’t seem to get any that doesn’t have a wierd taste here in Scotland. Or maybe that’s the Ketosis speaking… 😉

    The salmon here, however, is amazing.

    Check your email, btw.

    • Speaking of metal mouth… coincidence… I think NOT!!! You totally put the idea in my head and I’ve had metal mouth all day! LOL Very dark burgundy on the pee stick this evening… gotta love burnin’ fat for energy… WOOT!

      • Eek! Dark burgundy = not good, unless you’re drinking STACKS of water! gotta flush out those toxins!!

        I can never get past the first “weak” indication on the Ketostix. But then, everyone’s body is different. *jealous* 😉

  3. Proud to say I have been a follower since day one. But after tomorrow will miss being able to get o.n. Your blog WILL be waiting for me when I get home. Love your new cover picture. And your curry beef looks out of this world. I use curry often. Adds flavor to everything. Love Mom

  4. Awww, Mom…thanks. I really enjoyed being able to get into an in depth conversation with you…even though it was over the net. I love you!

  5. My Tea eggs have been a great success! I made 10 of them…. will try not to eat them all today! Thanks for your twist on the tuna dish – will give that a go it sounds yummy. I love how all the Dukan bloggers share all their recipe ideas – always something new to try.

    As for running in your jammies – that is cool and a sign of your 100% dedication!! I have never done that 😉

    I am not surprised at your blog stats: you have one of the best blogs and I look forward to reading it each morning when I wake up.

    • Aww, thanks 😀 I’m glad you like the tea eggs! I don’t think I could eat the eggs as much as I do if they weren’t yummy!

      I’ve got a new recipe to post on the next blog… dinner last night was DELISH!! Thanks to another Dukaner!

      You should try running in your jammies, although I don’t know how acceptable it would be in NZ… here, people go to the grocery store in their jammies… I’ll post pics this week 🙂

  6. PJ days are the very best! I don’t get them often, but when I do, I cherish every moment! Oh, and a quick question, hopefully I check back in here for the answer. You mentioned on my blog that I should try the IUD. I’m not having anymore children. And my husband has had the “big V” done. So the sole purpose of birth control is to control my endometriosis and ovulation, since it feels like I’m giving birth to a full grown shark every time I ovulate. So is an IUD effective for that? I can be honest, I hate the idea of the IUD. I think I’d rather keep a vile of pain pills or a flask of whiskey on me full time.

  7. I am glad someone else eats leftovers for breakfast. Gives some variation. I like them cold.
    Do you bake things or did you borrow that little oven for the turkey during the holiday.

    Your blog header is beautiful. I always like your pictures. Am so amazed you manage to follow this diet in soy sauce land. Love hearing the hospital stories. and the trips- great photos and just plain fun.

    Hope love ones are doing well, dear friend.

    • Thanks again, Kathy 🙂 I borrowed the little oven for Christmas, I will buy one when I get back from my trip home. I love baking meat and will try some of the Dukan “bread” recipes and that pumpkin pie crisp I made for Christmas… yum! The blog header comes from the New Year’s trip to Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago. I’m going to try to get some nice shots when I’m home, maybe at the beach. WordPress limits you on the pics for the header. Charlotte will help me create my own web site when I’m on vacation and I think I will have way more freedom with what I want to do! I’m very excited about it!!!

  8. Thank you for sharing this recipe…looks yummy and easy…my boyfriend loves curry and edamame! We’re making this over the weekend. How much curry powder did you end up using?

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