Day 5 – National Health Blog Post Month

Today’s Topic: Health Activist Soapbox.

I know, I know it’s the 9th and this post is Day 5… I’ve been busy, lol. New job that keeps me very busy, traveling last week over 2600 miles in a rental car. North Florida to see my son, back to the south, Orlando to go to Disney with Cathy, back south, Tallahassee for a State meeting in regard to changing the fee structure for midwives and birth centers and back south and then STREP THROAT — UGH 😦 As of this morning it’s turned into full-blown upper respiratory infection and I’m thisclose to calling the doctor. I’m trying to avoid antibiotics, but know that they may be necessary.
Hell, THAT subject could be my soapbox, but it isn’t.

Wheat. QUIT WHEAT is what I want to shout from the rooftops!! I didn’t quit wheat intentionally for any other reason than its not on the Dukan diet. And I lost and lost weight. By December last year I had mentioned many times in my blog how I hadn’t had heartburn, painful IBS, headaches, sinus stuff, knee pain, arthritis in my fingers was gone, no vertigo, the list goes on and on. Mel from NZ sent me what I call “the best link ever”! She sent me to Dr. William Davis’ blog and his book on Amazon, Wheat Belly.

I read the book on my trip home to the States in January and it was an eye opener! I’ve bought numerous copies for people, I’ve shared the info, I encourage everyone to read the book. It makes sense, a light goes on. I can’t tell you how many people I know that have quit wheat after reading this book, Lee did and is now writing her own blog! I saw my dear friend Cathy and her daughter Sarah last week up in Orlando. They’ve bought the book and taken my challenge 😀 Sarah has said that if her tummy troubles go away by cutting out the wheat, she’ll buy me a side of beef!! Woo Hoo… I plan on collecting!

Having quit wheat I know my insides are happy 😀 My knees are 😀 My head is 😀 I can run! RUN! Without pain 😀 I can type without my right index and left middle fingers being sore because my arthritis is gone 😀 And I don’t have debilitating vertigo anymore 😀 (Can you tell I’m happy?)

So here it is… I ONCE AGAIN CHALLENGE YOU TO QUIT EATING WHEAT FOR ONE MONTH. Yes, through Thanksgiving! I will start posting recipes from last years Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts that I cooked and that were completely wheat and gluten free. All the “traditional” goodies.

Who’s joining the challenge? Who’s still on the challenge from September? I’ll work on putting a separate tab up to track our progress! Join me, get healthier, lose unwanted weight and more importantly, lose the gut aka wheat belly!

WHEAT BELLY – With Cathy summer 2008


NO WHEAT BELLY – With Cathy November 2012


I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!


Dukan – Consolidation Day 165

Today is the 165th day of Dukan Consolidation for me… I will be in this phase for 500 days and the point of Consolidation is to teach your body that this is the weight it is suppose to be. And I have to say I’m duly impressed with how well this phase works!

I’m following the principles of the Dukan Diet, but eating Paleo, as I do not want to add wheat or any other gluten back into my diet. I also am eating more good fat in my diet (from nitrite free bacon, coconut and macadamia oil, etc) and dairy (full fat) which isn’t technically allowed on either diet, but I’m a cheese girl. The result? My weight has maintained between 143 and 148 the entire time I’ve been in Consolidation!! I’m having celebration meals once per week, but keeping wheat out. Most of my celebration meals consist of a teeny bit of sugar, my one treat. And most weeks, it’s a normal healthy dinner and a dark chocolate bar for dessert. I have no cravings for crap food… Except for the 3 minutes I mourned the loss of crispy spicy KFC chicken. I whipped out my trust iPhone pics and looked at the KFC me and decided I am better than that!

I strongly recommend reading the book Wheat Belly, Mel from NZ recommended it to me in January and I devoured every word. It explained A LOT! And the subject has come up on a couple of my favorite blogs this past week (Shannon and Sonia) 😀 I never want to have that OMG my stomach is going to explode feeling again. EVER and since quitting wheat, I don’t! It’s that simple.

In regard to exercise, I’m still restricted from running for another 5 days, but I’ve been walking daily and last night did my first yoga class since my surgery, hoo boy did those over the head stretches feel tight! Speaking of surgery, I’M LOVIN’ my arms!!!

Here’s a peek at what I had for brekkies and dinner this week. Pretty typical of my daily intake. Lunch has been broiled chicken or meat and cheese roll-ups.

Bacon and eggs with veggies 🙂

Sirloin Steak and stir-fry veggies… Mmmmm!

Now I’m off to practice a tricep move mentioned on Anna’s blog. Kaye has challenged me to take a pic and post it 🙂

How is everyone else doing weight and fitness wise? Happy hump day 😀


Wheat Belly

Wanted to share Dr. William Davis’ blog once again. It’s been a few months since I put up a link to his site Wheat Belly.

I found this post to be funny, yet educational. A big thanks to Mel at wwangel for pointing me to Wheat Belly blog and book back in December!

Off to bed… Long day. Baby boy born at 155 pm. 3.4 kgs, healthy and cute!