Travel – Typhoon Haiku

So yet another tropical system is mucking up my travels! I was suppose to fly to Guangzhou this morning, but I ended up walking to work dressed like this…


In this…


And why would my crazy self walk to work in that? Because last September I promised myself I would walk to work every single day for a year. I have honored that! I have walked to work on beautiful days, freezing days, snowing days and 7 weeks of raining and near freezing days, scorching heat and now typhoon (aka hurricane). It is .98 miles to work, it takes between 12-15 minutes depending on my mood, the weather and traffic. I even walked there 36 hours after my lipo, now that was just stupid, lol, but I did it 🙂

I wrote this out this morning, while lounging in bed, listening to the wind howling and the rain coming down through my open bedroom window…

A Haiku for Typhoon Haikui

As the wind does blow
I watch a leaf settle down
Then blown away gone

Flight rebooked for tomorrow 🙂