Weekend At Momma’s

Last Friday night I had dinner with my good friend, Janice. She asked me if I was getting a cold. I said no, just something flowering… I got a cold 😦

Woke up early Saturday morning so I could get a start on the preparations for the SIX 7 & 8 years olds coming to my house for a sleepover… Yes, I’m a glutton for punishment! Upon rising I realize A.) I have NO voice, and B.) my throat hurts like crazy!! I was suppose to go for an early, early morning walk over the bridges and later a lovely, long morning bike ride with my friend Natalie, so I cancelled them, rolled over and caught an extra hour of sleep, convincing myself that this would be all I needed to feel better!! NOT…

Walgreens, 0745 Saturday morning (yes, that is sleeping in!!) There are WAY too many choices, seriously!


I did get my butt up and out the door. There were errands to be done! Home Depot, Michael’s Crafts, Dollar Store, Office Depot, Winn Dixie and then a final stop at the pizza place to order two large pies for the slumber party… Funny side story: the pizza guy says their pizza IS gluten free. I tell him no way… He goes back and gets the bag and it says HIGH GLUTEN WHEAT, LOL. I was excited for about 27 seconds… Poor guy was mortified. I ordered the large antipasto, even though at this point I have no appetite or the ability to taste anything. I also have NO VOICE. Should be fun having 6 squealing girls and NO VOICE!!!

Four o’clock rolls around and the girls start coming. I had rented 3 movies from The Red Box. Hotel Transylvania was first up. The girls got settled in and while playing, watched the movie. Then the pizza guy showed up and the girls ate.

Afterwards we went to Baskin Robbins for ice cream…


After eating ice cream we started the 25 minute walk home… We took this along the way…


We then got back to my house at around 745 and did the art project I got stuff for…



They painted and decorated Valentines jewelry boxed 🙂

Then we rolled out Sydney’s mattress to the living room so they could watch the other two movies.

They finally went to sleep at 1215… I was asleep at 1216!!

Up early at 0630 to have a little peace…. And then made eggs and bacon for the girls while I also prepped the ribs from yesterday’s blog for lunch after church. Took all the banshees, err sweet little girls, to church and then parent pick up at 1230ish.

All in all it was a fun overnight. No one cried to go home to their mommies (well, maybe me!), so I consider it a success!

Have you ever had a bunch of kids over for a sleepover? I’ve done it with several of my grandkids, but never OPCs… Other People’s Children 🙂

Hope you’re having a blessed week… I’m finishing up day 4 of this stinkin’ cold… Hoping it goes away before my flight on Friday!