Travel – In the States

Short update… After 28 hours of travel, my friend Miri has deposited me at my motel in Stuart. I’m exhausted and shattered.

First two flights were flawless, on time, interesting people to chat with, crap food! LOL

Then when I landed at JFK, it took 1 hour and 40 minutes to get my luggage, go through customs and then found out that the AA domestic building was a 10 minute walk plus a 5 minute train… Panicked, I ran (in heels!) and arrived in check in 42 minutes before my connecting flight! They rushed me through security and to the gate… Second to the last person to board! Talk about an anxiety ridden 2.5 hours! Then, we sat on the Tarmac for 1.5 hours because the computer system wasn’t working! LOL

Arrived an hour late into Miami and Miri swooped me up and the 1.5 hour ride north to home… HOME,,, glad to be here! Off to bed I go!


Sunset on the flight, somewhere off the coast of NC…