Travel – Canton Tower

After the trip to the zoo Rose, Jack and I got on the subway to go back to the Canton Tower for a tour. It was around 515 p.m. when we got there and the sky was still light, but dusk was close at hand!

First stop was the 107th floor of the tower. This is 428 meters/1404 feet from the ground! The viewing area gives you a complete view of the city. The view up the Pearl River is amazing. The scariest, most amazing part of this floor was the “sky walk” that jutted out from the building. It had a glass floor and was heart-stopping, to say the least! My heart was POUNDING in my chest as I inched my way out to the end of the platform, clinging like a scared kitten to the hand rails… as did everyone else we saw… LOL

Then we went to the roof of the building to ride the “ferris wheel”. Which actually runs around the rim of the building on this little itty bitty track… yes, I was seeing how much adrenaline I actually could pump through my body in one evening 😀 It is an amazing 15 minute slow crawl around the entire building, with unobstructed views in a bubble. Again, at first we clung to the rails and each other, then loosened up when we realized we weren’t going to plunge to our deaths 🙂

It was a fun day… the zoo AND Canton Tower AND Hunan Home for dinner with awesome people… I’m going to miss Guangzhou!

canton tower, guangzhou

The Pearl River

canton tower, guangzhou

Beautiful view, even though it was a bit smoggy, I could see for miles.

canton tower, guangzhou

Canton tower, guangzhou

Glass bottomed floor of the “sky walk”.

canton tower, guangzhou, ferris wheel, bubble

Jack and Rose… still clinging to the sides.

canton tower, guangzhou, bubble, ferris wheel

Me and Rose

canton tower, guangzhou

Canton tower, guangzhou, ferris wheel, bubble

The sun began setting as we were on the “ferris wheel”.

canton tower, guangzhou, pearl river

Beautiful view at night!

canton tower, guangzhou

And from the base, looking up… the colors change every 5 seconds.