Fat Free Dairy Challenge – Guest Post by Charlotte

This is a guest post by Charlotte… We’re doing a Fat-Free Dairy challenge.


The Fat Free Dairy Challenge!
Jan 25 2012

Morning weigh in: 99.0kgs

Total days since last transgression: 9

Daily LOSS:0.7 kgs / 1.54lbs
Total loss since New Year: 4.8kgs /10.56 lbs

Today’s menu: PV

Watercheck: 2.9l – tea, coffee, 1.5l of water, and diet coke


mug of coffee
oatbran porridge with sweetener
microwaved eggs

Stirfried chicken thigh with cabbage, XL philly and herbs & spices
Afternoon snack

handful of peanuts

Roast chicken from Asda, refried with a little Nando’s piri piri sauce (J did that – simple and yummy!)
Fat free fromage frais with raw cocoa powder and liquid sweetener

Again, no more than 20 mins walking (but my bike is back in action, yay!)
First things first – my bike is now repaired! New virtually puncture-proof tyres have been installed (via Edinburgh fabulous mobile bike-repair service, “2 Wheel Support”) and I plan to get back in the saddle from tomorrow morning – and I can’t wait! Taking the bus to work for 2 days has been SUCH a waste of time, literally. It takes me an hour to get to work on the bus, but just 30 mins on the bike. Plus, it’s cost me a fiver in bus fares and I’ve had next to no exercise. Hurray for bikes.

Diet-wise, I had another good day today – it’s funny how the longer I go without transgressing, the easier it gets! It also helps that I’ve put a column on my spreadsheet for tracking how many days I’ve gone without transgression. Yay!

So, Sandi and I were talking today (via email, her in Florida and me sneakily at work) about conducting an experiment, and we’d like to get you involved.

You see, she and I both independently come to the conclusion that sugar-free fat free dairy (ie fromage frais or yoghurt) is not only a tasty treat, but is actually actively beneficial for our weight loss. For my own part, I look back at when I was doing really really well on Dukan (basically June-September 2010) and the thing that stands out for me is that I was, almost without fail, having at least one serving of fat free yoghurt or fromage frais every day. It’s actually surprisingly consistent. I’ll need to go back and analyse each blog entry in more depth to try and work out whether it merely decreased my appetite and therefore I ate less, or whether it really has an independent effect.

Sandi has had a similar experience.

So. Perhaps it’s time for us to be a bit more scientific about this, and increase our sample size? You are all strong, dedicated women and men, fellow bloggers and dukaneers, all. And January/February are particularly difficult months for dieting. Sandi and I think that you should join us, and start taking a serving or two of fat free yoghurt, cottage cheese or fromage frais every day, like medicine! If we all do this together and compare our results, I reckon we’ll have some useful semi-scientific (rather than purely anecdotal) evidence to pass on to the rest of the Dukan community.

If you’re up for it, blog about it! Spread the word to your own readers who may also be bloggers! Or if you’re just a lurker, try this experiment with us and post your results in the comment section of whatever blog you read regularly. I’ll be setting up a page dedicated to this, so that I can keep a close eye on what’s going on with my own experience.

So who’s with us? 🙂