Yoga and Endurance Training

😀 I’m going to start with that silly grin because right after typing that title, I had a good chuckle. The thought that I’m actually writing a POST on a BLOG about Yoga AND Endurance Training, has me giggling… even as I typed this sentence 🙂

So most nights when I’ve come in from either a doing a 5K run, interval training or walk I do  about 30 – 40 minutes of yoga, pilates, stretches and tension band work. Nothing formal, just my favorite stuff from each of those disciplines.

The yoga and the pilates help center me and strengthen my core and the stretching during those help my muscles after a good workout. It feels great and I usually do it jamming to Lady Gaga and Bon Jovi. Funny combination!

I found this post in my inbox this morning and I am even more dedicated to doing yoga in a more formal way after reading it, as I’m planning on doing a triathlon next August with 3 bloggy friends… Anna, Sandra and Cindy. It’s going to be a blast! I can’t wait to get home and start my formal training!

Here’s the link and I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!

The first two paragrahs

Why Yoga Can Benefit Endurance Athletes

By Kellye Mills

Yoga is most often associated with benefits such as flexibility, stability and strength, all of which are very important. However, it’s not as often associated with endurance, which is yet another wonderful advantage to be gained from yoga classes. Endurance athletes spend countless hours training their neuromuscular and metabolic systems in an effort to increase their endurance so that they may race efficiently for extended periods of time. However, the hours spent using their bodies to swim, bike, and run can often lead to injury and burnout.

These exercises require a great amount of strength endurance in order for your muscles to repeatedly produce and sustain maximal power output over the course of the activity. Certain types of yoga classes are designed with strength endurance in mind providing opportunities for your body to repeat exercises requiring a great amount of strength with little to no rest. This creates a similar effect to that of the training we usually endure without the added stress on our bodies from too many miles of swimming, biking and running….