An email to my friend Michele… Breasts

Sent this evening…

So… on Saturday night I was lying in bed and decided to do a breast exam. Found a slightly larger than edamame size lump in the outer aspect of the left breast. I laid there TERRIFIED! I kept palpating it in every conceivable position. When I sat up, it was barely palpable, because it was deep. I pretended it wasn’t there… all day Sunday, Sunday night, palpated… damn thing, still there… same on Monday and Tuesday. This afternoon I decided being in denial wasn’t a good thing and for God’s sake, I’m a WOMEN’S HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONER! So I asked our head OB to do a breast exam on me, she took me right in the office, and looked worried… this of course, freaked me out. So, across the atrium we go to the radiologist, Dr. Peter… he turns on the U/S machine, palpates my breast and wants to know why I didn’t feel this sooner… OK, people, I touch my breasts ALL THE FRIGGIN’ TIME, I just found it on Saturday, cross my heart, hope to die… well no, I hope not to die… anyway… he scans it and it is perfectly round, and he and Nazek, the OB and the U/S tech, all breathe a sigh of relief… it seems it’s just globular tissue and by george, I have very dense breasts for a 47 year old who had a hysterectomy at 21. Um… thanks? Anyway, I wanted to share it with you. Saturday night, when I palpated it, I rolled over, grabbed my iPhone, and started to write you an email, then I discarded it… if I didn’t TALK ABOUT IT, it wasn’t real. I’m glad to share good news with you… as much as I love you, I didn’t want to be a breast CA sister with you 🙂 xoxoxoxox

Lesson… prayer works (I prayed ALOT these past 4 days) and sleepless nights AND it’s stupid to be in denial. As a woman’s healthcare practitioner I should practice what I preach…. I vow to be better at this in the future!