I’ve been off Facebook since April 26th. A handful of people have noticed (you know who you are and thanks for checking in!), but many haven’t, and that’s OK too. It does show me, however, how out of touch we are with ‘real life’ and how our attention span works in regard to what is in front of us now. I’ve also been off Twitter (which I spent minimal time on anyway).

What’s awesome, is that I can post blogs to Facebook, without actually logging in and getting pulled down in the whirlpool (cesspool?) of stories and news and Johnny Depp court updates and false smiles galore (of those perfect lives none of us live IRL). And that’s what I’m going to do regularly. Post things that are important to me in a blog and walk away.

Really awesome things that have happened since April 26th. I am WAY more productive. Running a business is a lot of work, it’s less work when you aren’t popping in on social media and coming up for air realizing you’ve been on for 35 minutes, long past what you had time for. A new semester started at the college I work for. Sydnie and Sadie turned 18!!! Sadie went to her last day of school last Friday and graduates high school, with honors, next Monday. My mom turned NINETY-ONE!!! I wasn’t sure she was going to make it to that milestone, but she did, and as always I am grateful. Sofia turned 14!! And I partially ruptured my patellar tendon… which has NOT been fun. And an amazing, thoughtful and loving friend suprised me with a gift yesterday that touched my heart and was exactly what I needed! I am blessed with some pretty awesome folks in my life!

So there it is… I’ve got a few scheduled blogs over the few days and they will post automatically. I am still on Messenger (for now) and of course you’re always welcome to text or call.