Day 1 – Epic Summer Roadtrip with Momma

And we’re off! I’ve loaded up my brand new 2015 Ford Escape for an epic 21 day East Coast Roadtrip with 3 of my grandgirlies. 

Day 1 took us from home in Stuart, FL to a fun 5 hours in St. Augustine. We parked in the garage at the Visitirs Center for $12 (car stayed cool!) and spent about 30 minutes viewing the exhibits in the center. 

We then started our 6 km walk, first stop the oldest wooden school house in America (can’t remember admission price), stopping at the fort ($10 for me, free for the kids), lunch at the White Lion and a long stroll down St. George St, stopping for ice cream. We stopped back at the car for some water and then the kids played on the “Swing” log playground for 30 minutes. 

We then headed 40 minutes north for an overnight stay at my friend Teri’s house. The girls swam with her daughter and then Mike treated us to a lovely Mexican dinner at La Nopalera. 

Fantastic day!!!


10 thoughts on “Day 1 – Epic Summer Roadtrip with Momma

  1. That was a great article Sadie I think have to get you to coach me how to write
    I love icecream ..the vanilla with peanut topping sounded yummy
    Enjoy yourselves
    Love to all

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