China – Again :)

I’m back in China. This time for 6 weeks to be with two different birthing families. Baby number one was born this past Tuesday and he’s a keeper!


Yes, that’s a chip clip on his cord. Sometimes you have to improvise šŸ˜€

Wednesday my friend Alice and I met up with my personal assistant Rose from Guangzhou. She brought along Jack (yes, Jack and Rose) and they are now married! We went to Splendid China and had a splendid day!










We finished our day together with amazing, mouth numbing Hunan food!

Thursday Alice and I walked across the border to Hong Kong. Spent the day exploring and picking up things that Alice needed.

Last night I had dinner with Lotte, a midwife from Denmark. I wish our obstetrics were more like theirs! No competition for money = excellent care for women. The midwives take care of the 90% of women who have normal pregnancies and the OBs only take care of the complicated patients. Hmmm, what a concept. Their infant and maternal mortality rates are much better than ours. I wish we’d take the money out of medicine so all of us could receive better care!

I also signed up for a month long challenge (see yesterday’s post) and Tatjana sent me this very cool racing bib…


And last, but not least, not only am I going to do the month long Kilomathon, but I’m going to do strict Dukan every day the month of June. I’m committed, going to shed those pounds that creeped back on šŸ™‚

So here’s to a wonderful June… You ready?!?!?


12 thoughts on “China – Again :)

  1. Always love hearing from you again, Sandi! Enjoy your trip (although it sounds like you already are) and best wishes to you on the challenges -you can do it!! xoxo MJ

  2. Yes – I’m sticking to my self-improvised version of Dukan for the month of June AND I will blog each day too.

    I hope you keep a daily blog about your month of June Dukaning too

    Wishing you strength and determination!!

  3. Sandi, I am delighted to read this. Just can’t stay away, huh? I understand about the pounds creeping on … more on that later. But I am delighted to read this post … you sound energetic and vibrant. Love you, girl. ~Ramona

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