50 to 50

Wow… today marks 50 days until I reach 50 years of age. I am SUPER excited about this milestone. I know, you’re rolling your eyes, but I really am!

I am in better physical, emotional and spiritual health than I’ve ever been. And I feel great!

And I get to travel to catch really cute babies!

And I get to travel to catch really cute babies!

So join me on my count down! Tonights special… my first run since I broke my foot! WOO HOO!!!


15 thoughts on “50 to 50

  1. 50 is grand! I don’t know why I waited so long to get a grip on things and become free to be me, but 50 was/is my day! You seem to have reached your day a bit a ago, this will just be icing on the cake (gluten free) for you!!

  2. Really life begins at 50! My next birthday is April, I turn 60!!!!! I feel awesome and am about to start a new adventure! Happy happy in 50 days!

  3. hello Sandi you have been a busy gal 🙂 So glad to hear your foot is mending. I hit 50 in June and the interesting thing for me is that I spent a lot of time/energy planning for the ‘turning 50′ but had not looked much past that. Have spent some weeks in thought about how the next decade might unfold and some friends and I are going to fast with a Native elder we all have been working with for some time (will fast in Canada Jan14). That should shed some light on direction and how best to use the gifts Creator has given. Your gift of midwyfing is blessed and wonderful and it is so easy to see how much it fulfills you 🙂
    I’ve changed a few things w/ my blog and email but I think I’m not getting updates for all the blogs I follow including yours…and…I’ve not been spending very much time at the computer these past months, so no surprise things are sliding by me 😉 Much love to you as you continue to shine and grow sharing your beautiful gifts. xoxo

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