Ten Tips for Running Safely

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Run Far Girl

I feel like I’ve read more tragic stories in the past few months about cyclists and runners being struck and killed during their workouts than I ever have before. Just yesterday a cyclist was killed just outside the Olympic park, when he was struck by a bus. I tend to avoid the news because I often feel like it doesn’t add value to my life and only makes me fearful, anxious and slightly paranoid. But stories that are relevant to running (and other aspects of my life) often find their way to me, like these tragic stories, and I feel compelled to respond. Instead of railing against the drivers, or lack of safety laws I feel as if the only thing I can do is reflect on the way that I run and ask: How Can I be Safe?

1) Be Defensive: Consider every driver a distracted driver: they could…

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3 thoughts on “Ten Tips for Running Safely

    • Totally would be, but I wouldn’t mind someone in the States having my back, as well… that’s the one thing that worries me the most… especially on my not so safe run up the mountain in Hong Kong.

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