Travel – Blogging from 37,000 feet


I am blogging from the skies! I’m somewhere between Miami and NYC. When I checked in the lovely American Airlines lady told me I had a yucky middle seat and she’d change it. She then said she gave me an “awesome” seat. When I boarded I discovered a free upgrade to Business Class. My leg room is so big I can extend my leg without bending my knee, lol 🙂 OK, I’m short, but it’s still awesome leg room!


I promised myself in January I wouldn’t PAY for upgrades anymore, to save money. I’ve had 3 flights upgraded for free so far this year and I upgraded 1 with miles. I think it’s good Karma 🙂 Lucky girl I am and grateful.

Missing home already!

Ciao 🙂

20 thoughts on “Travel – Blogging from 37,000 feet

  1. Lucky you! Those look like comfy traveling shoes too – nothing worse than seeing girls dressed to the nines wearing ten inch stilettos for their airport experience… it makes me cringe with referred pain every time I spot one!

    • I see people in the worse traveling shoes. I always try to dress up (even if it’s jeans and a nice top) and a decent pair of shoes… gets ya upgrades if you’re a frequent flier with the airline 🙂

    • Smiling and being kind to the ticket agents when you are checking in. Dressing up, good shoes! And loyalty… I pretty much fly on the same airlines over and over… they see that and will surprise you with an upgrade at times. Also, by being loyal, I’ve picked up a lot of miles. I never fly for free on those miles… I buy a regular ticket and upgrade with my miles.

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