A Quick Bedtime Poem

I left my flat 26 days ago on a journey for lipo, then travel and marketing and more marketing. I arrived back this afternoon… A poem inspired by my return… Although brief stay at my flat, since I fly in 10 hours to Florida…

I missed my cat…


I missed my flat…


But I really don’t miss,
That extra fat!


Nice flight from Guangzhou to Hangzhou this morning… Love sailing between the clouds…


Sheila and Greg stopped in with Lily for a post natal check and gifted me this gorgeous necklace!


And the end of my day was complete by Vivien bringing Kitty over. She stayed an extra day just to see her American Mother… We cuddled and had a less drama filled goodbye than the one at the airport 3 weeks ago when I was an absolute mess from surgery…


Thats it, off to bed… Flight in 10 hours! Sunny Florida… Here I come!

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