DAY 6 – 60 Day Photo Challenge

Day 06 – A picture of a person you’d love to trade places with for a day.


I honestly can’t think of a single person I’d want to trade places with right now. I think my life is just about as good as it gets. I’m sitting in a cafe in Hong Kong on my 2 days off from work, resting after shopping for things my friends have asked me to pick up for them.

I’ve lost more than 100 pounds since last August, I’m running a 5K in less than 2 weeks (gulp), I’ve got a wonderful family and friends and I’m gainfully employed… Wouldn’t change any of that 🙂

Quick weight update:
Daily Weight: 154
Goal Weight: 155

Sunday food:
Breakfast: 2 scrabbled eggs with lavender and Edam cheese
Lunch: Tom Kar Gha soup and pork in yellow curry
Snack on way to gym: 20 raw almonds
Dinner: raw salmon and cottage cheese (low fat)

2 km run in the rain
2 km brisk walk on treadmill
30 mins yoga
60 minutes with personal trainer using weights (didn’t feel anything this morning, but I feel it now!!)
30 mins stretching in yoga studio
Walk to and from subway = 1.1 miles/1.6 kms


22 thoughts on “DAY 6 – 60 Day Photo Challenge

      • Yes! Oh foot massage, oh massage, I need one!!!! Transition, don’t get too hyped up…they do all sorts of fancy things like coming out of your shoes before you head into T2…watched this guy last year, out of his shoes, flying into T2…dismount and heave his bike on his shoulder and never slowing down running full speed barefoot…yikes…not me, I would kill myself!!

      • The foot massage was awesome.

        The woman speaking mainly talked about how to have a smooth transition by not bringing too much gear and practicing beforehand… She spoke of those people likemthenguy with the bike over his shoulder, lol

    • Lol! The more I do, the more energy i have.

      I’m still not getting your post notifications 😦 Frustrating! I snd a notification request nearly weekly… You need to come over o the dark side, ie WordPress! Lol

  1. about transitions? at the Danskin, I remember reading some women were so elated they survived the swim that they sat down and had a piece of chocolate cake before heading out on the bike! The past two triathlons I’ve forgotten something–my gloves. I had to go rummaging through my bag to get them. Rookie error. 😦 That’s what happens when ya bring two pairs of gloves instead of just one!

    • Are you trying to scare me off?? LOL. I love that they took time to celebrate!
      The topic of rummaging came up. She admitted to forgetting things, as well. Here’s the link to the podcast. I’m “tri”ing to learn as much as I can 😀

    • Oh gals, keep me in the loop. TGT gave me a website and I downloaded some training schedules. BUT I’ll take all the help I can get… I’ve never listened to a podcast…such a bumpkin 😉
      I told my family today that I”m going to do a triathlon and they were like HUH? They’re used to me by now though. DH offered to either stay at home and tend the farm, or cheer me on 🙂 he’s so sweet. I like having a far reaching goal.

      • Lovely! 🙂 I may have my own paparazzi. he can be trained to take photographs of others, too 🙂 Welcome to the TriParty, Anna! Love your blog!

  2. You are truely an inspiration!! Your whole energy is amazing. Thank you for supporting all of us and giving us a push to do better. Good luck on your 5K, you can do it for sure!! 🙂

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