One Week Post-Op

Warning… Photos ahead.

I’m one week out from my liposuction and I still feel pretty beat up. I am still pretty bruised up. I’m taking Tylenol twice a day and Traumeel by mouth three times a day. I’m also putting the arnica cream on in the morning after my shower.

I had my 11 sutures removed this morning by a doctor wearing a skirt that was very short! She’s cute as a button, I’ll have to try to get a pic of her. She can’t be more than 23!

I’m going to share bruising pictures today. I could find very little info about this and I think people should be prepared. I had NO idea how much pain and how much bruising I would have.

Also, I have a lot of numbness everywhere that was liposuctioned and the skin/muscle whatever feels very tight and sensitive over the flank area on my back. I also have the sensation that something is poking me in that area, even when nothing is touching it and that is the area that I have the most pain in when lying down.










My thighs are still pretty tender and swollen… See, Momma, I haven’t withered away to nothing… Still got some meat on my bones πŸ˜€ my thigh looks huge in this picture, lol and no, I’m not suffering body dysmorphic issues. I’m very pleased thus far with the results.



And finally this morning, DAY EIGHT:


I keep getting new bruises in different places. I have one right between my breasts and one that developed the last couple days on my left breast… Odd, but I’m presuming normal.

I’ve bought my own groceries and the chef here at the hospital is cooking for me. Brekkies just delivered:

Scrambled eggs with onion and Edam cheese and chives. Scrambled in a tsp of coconut oil.

Big news in the next post. Time to eat and get to work so you’ll have to wait πŸ˜‰


18 thoughts on “One Week Post-Op

    • Thanks, Cris. The yoga and running clearly are working. I’m back to nightly walks, will do a light yoga session on Monday… Doc said 10 days, I’m listening πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Charlotte! It’s the yoga and running… I knew it was working… Lol, it was just hiding under that thermal layer they sucked out of me πŸ˜€ So glad you are back… Missed you!

  1. The bruising is looking so much better even after such a short time! It’s amazing how the body heals itself. You look great Sandi! It will all be worth it! Wishing you a speedy recovery. Little hugs πŸ˜‰ xoxo

  2. I can’t tell if the bruising has reduced or not, you are just a purple mess! I hope it is causing you less pain! Let’s hope the knees look fantastic right?

  3. Beside the bruising you look so skinny! All that exercise is paying off! Here’s to a speedy recovery and bruise free body:) x

  4. FA-BU~~ holey smokes you look good in purple πŸ™‚ that running is doing good things to your bod and the bruises will pass, they already look better. The thigh thing is an issue w/ single body part I think. I did photos a while back and I really dig my ample and well muscled calves but when I had the hubs take a pic of just one….it looked utterly freaky. Smooch-U-Face Sandi you just are SO going for it ALL….love that.

    • Thanks, my friend πŸ™‚ Purple is my favorite color, may as well wear it ON my body, hehe. Missing the exercise, but got a good 1.5 mile walk home from Arabic dinner tonight… Yummy, yummy food!

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