Why I Love WordPress

Just a quick note about my account suspension on Thursday.

Just 2 hours before my surgery on Thursday I got a message from my friend Mary saying she got an error message when she tried to read my blog. I told her to reboot her computer, LOL 😀

Ten minutes later another midwife friend, Lynne, posted on my FB wall that there was a problem with my blog.
So I go to my home page and I’d been suspended for a terms of service violation. What!?! My heart sank, I can’t deal with this! I’m having surgery in 2 hours 😦

I press the link to send a message to find out what happened and how I violated the TOS. I told them I’d do whatever they asked to rectify the situation.

WordPress responded to me in LESS THAN 30 minutes! They apologized for the inconvenience and unsuspended account. They thought there was some type of spam.

I did my homework before starting a blog. I checked all of the options out. I have to say I am SO happy I chose WordPress for sharing my life journey!

Thanks for the excellent and fast customer service, WP!

2 thoughts on “Why I Love WordPress

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