Leading a Legendary Life

I’ve embarked on a new direction in life. I am taking an amazing class online called Leading a Legendary Life. It is hosted by the Cosmic Cowgirl University http://www.cosmiccowgirlsuniversity.com/ and it’s simply going to be AMAZING! Shiloh Sophia McCloud is an artist who’s work I’ve purchased and have proudly hanging at my friend Tammy’s house (didn’t want to ship them here to Abu Dhabi). I met her back in 2005 when I flew to California to spend a few days with Charity before flying to Hong Kong for a private delivery. She was in a very cool studio in Mendocino then. Now, here we are 6 years later, reconnected via the internet and I am in the Middle East, but feeling very connected to the States.

So… I will pick up a paint brush for the first time in my life and express myself through color. This program will also improve my writing skills and perhaps I’ll write that book that everyone tells me I should write… LOL

I am so excited about this new direction in my life. This afternoon I am going to the paint store to gather the supplies I will need to begin and will upload pictures then and will blog at least weekly about my progress… I welcome you to walk with me on this journey!

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