Travel – Hunań Dinner

So, I’m working in Guangzhou for 2 weeks and my personal assistant asks me the other day if I like spicy food. I say yes…. In China spicy = burn holes in your mouth. This I learned last night! 😀

Last night Rose and her boyfriend Jack took me to Hunań Home Restaurant for dinner. I immediately knew it was going to be spicy simply by coughing the minute we walked into the restaurant because of the pepper in the air… Whew boy!

Hunań cuisine is also known as Xiang cuisine, in Chinese 湘菜. Xiang cuisine is known for its liberal use of hot chilis, shallots and garlic. And boy did we have a lot of all of those! It is also known for changing the menu to suit the season. In the summer they start you out with cold dishes that have the hottest chilis and then milder dishes towards the end. Hot Pot is served more in the winter.

We were served a very “earthy” tea. Grown in Hunan.

My dinner companions Rose & Jack…


And food in the order it was brought out… Spiciest first!

Spicy Black Fungi (aka mushrooms). These were AMAZING and HOT… Spicy, spicy hot. Those little teeny red peppers in there… Whew!


Next up, Spicy Shrimps… Yes, with an ‘s’. They were nearly as spicy as the fungi and had their skin still on, but I got used to the crunchiness 🙂


And then the cauliflower. Spicy, but not too HOT. These were yummy!! Notice the whole garlic cloves… Mmmmm Mmmmm Good!


After that the short ribs arrived, covered in rice. They were steamed… OH MY, NOM, NOM!!! I shooed the rice off…


And to finish the meal off, Fried Pumpkin 😀 Very naughty, lol. BUT… They used rice flour, not wheat flour, so no tummy troubles… YAY!!


After dinner we took a 4 km stroll along the waterfront, in the rain. It was a beautiful night with boats and ferries floating down the river.

This is me and Rose.


And Rose and Jack… Who really is a delightful guy… He just doesn’t smile for pictures 🙂


It was such an honor to share dinner with them. Jack is the first boyfriend I’ve met here in China. It’s usually just the girls who go out. I had a fabulous time getting to know Rose even more and meeting her boyfriend, who is perfect for her 😀