Travel – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year family and friends! I spent my New Years Eve and Day out in the mountains and wadis of the UAE.

WADI–noun, plural -dis. (in Arabia, Syria, northern Africa, etc.)

1. the channel of a watercourse that is dry except during periods of rainfall.
2. such a stream or watercourse itself.
3. a valley.
It was quiet and peaceful out there. Lucy and I took Max and Mini and saw very few people along the way. Here’s a couple of pics. One of our wadi campsite and one driving through the oasis.

As for the weight loss… I’m down 9 pounds. I have followed the Atkins to a TEE. But, last night I had a little setback and had some Indian food to feed my soul. Missing family, working hard, whatever, just a bump. Slept like a log last night after falling asleep from a carb induced coma! This is what the 9 pounds less of me looks like (btw, that means I’m 1/2 way to losing the 18 I put on since the summer! Woo Hoo!)

My only New Years resolution is to ENJOY LIFE. That’s it. We all wake up every morning with choices. No one else can influence our day if we don’t let them. So I choose to wake up every single morning and ENJOY LIFE. I hope all of you do, as well.

Well for now, ma’salama! (that’s Arabic for good-bye) Next update… soon! xoxoxo